Tuesday, August 20, 2013

another milestone

Last week, Terry and I were getting thai take out and the person in line behind me looked familiar. Because I'm a doofus (just ask my kids), I introduced myself and said "I know you; can't recall your name; I bet you're an Exeter doc." In fact, he was and we reminisced about Exeter when I was there, various events that had transpired, how things were different and the whole hep C story. We told him about our new house (which we bought from another former Exeter doc) and talked about the Manchester hospital scene. After we said our goodbyes, I realized that we had not discussed AML at all. It was a milestone: catching someone up to date on my recent life that did not include "I don't know if you heard; I had leukemia last year." Kind of a nice milestone to have, as though there is a possibility of having a life where leukemia is just a footnote.

The day described above is coming, just like the snow pictured here.
I am hopeful for more days where my leukemia is not relevant to the conversation and thankful that I have large stretches of time where it is not.

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