Sunday, June 30, 2013

More on weaving and Harrisville

I wanted to put in some text besides photo captions, but blogger doesn't seem to want me to tonight. 

So, here are pictures:

After one runs 3.4 miles in a hilly terrain when it is 88 degrees, one can make any sort of face one wants for the selfie. In the background is the bed and breakfast I stayed at--The Harrisville Inn. I couldn't get their sign in the background. There are five rooms, they grow their own vegetables and eggs and organize the community garden that is just up the road. The other people who stayed there were very congenial and we sat around in their front room, chatting almost every night. The bed and breakfast put out a bottle of wine and a plate of cookies every night. "Something for everyone" must be their motto.

The general store is in the background. The town owns the building and rents it out. It has a really great grill in it and they make delicious prepared foods. Kale salad, asparagus and mozarella paninis, etc. Also some nice little cakes. The ice cream is subpar and kind of expensive besides. The iced coffee is perfectly acceptable and--a nice touch--you fetch your plastic cup and lid pre-filled with ice out of the cooler.

This is the view back into town from the general store. The buildings sit over the stream which used to power the mills as it lost elevation on its way through town. There is a plan to re-harness the river and produce small scale power again for the 125 (!) residents of town. 

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