Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Body, body, who's got the body?

I continue to be astonished how a year after my diagnosis, six months after my treatment is over, I  can be laid low by something as small as an infection and a course of antibiotics. I am still "having problems" and am mostly back to normal, but my pre-leukemia self a) almost never needed antibiotics and b) was never sick enough to notice that I was sick. I feel like I am inhabiting someone else's body.  Can I please have mine back?
(nope. It no longer exists.)
I hadn't started out to write this, but I suppose the real fact about my pre-leukemic body is that it  was going to die one way or another and fortunately it died in such a way that my post-leukemic body could be born out of it.
I am grateful to have a body to continue being in. I hope it remains available to me for a long time.

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