Monday, April 14, 2014

Fiddle playing

This winter, I have been playing fiddle at least every other week in an ensemble and practicing several times a week by myself. The ensemble ultimately ended up with 60 (!) people in it from all over the state, including me. There are five practice sites and after we all learn the music in our local groups we get together and play three concerts. It was so much fun! Below you could see a couple of videos Terry took.

Talking followed by a little playing
If you just want to hear the music and don't want to watch me looking uncomfortable while Ellen chats, skip to about 46 seconds.
A fragent of lady be good
The actual soloist is not shown on the video until the very end, but you can hear him, he sounds great and is, like 15 years old. I'm somewhere in the middle in the back. I think you can see the side of my head briefly.

Playing again has been a real joy in my recent life. I hope I can play more this summer and join the ensemble again in the winter. Please enjoy these little clips.

May we all find things that bring us joy. May we figure out how to include more of them in our lives.

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