Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 247 - the time, it passes

Holy cow, here it is like 4 days later and I haven't updated you on the exciting developments in my life. OK, now we're done. Work is good; we're in a period with a lot of palliative care consults at CMC right now so we're quite the hopping group. We're not quite too busy, but it's better to be too busy than not busy enough and we may soon be too busy. Other parts of my work are going well, too. Eva and I will be doing a skit about ways clinicians can approach POLST with patients. We're trying to model both good and bad behavior and doing it on Thursday. I'll try to rein in my stage fright. Eva is going to be the health care provider which is the much harder part. I let her have first choice and she thought it would be more fun to be the clinician.
I am so delighted about the weather; I bought a 6 pack of pansies today. I can't wait to put them in the ground. Perhaps they will also be perennial pansies like many of the ones in our garden? I also went for a little run, but my phone cannot survive without ringing for more than 30 minutes so I had to stop mid-run to sort out a prescription debacle. I always feel very stupid when someone calls me and I am panting "Yes, this is Dr. Braun; why do you doubt it?" Once I had an asthma attack while talking with a patient's son and coughed every fourth word or so for our whole conversation. What we were talking about was important and it did give him a good story for his next dinner party.
Terry and the kids are doing well. I'm going to visit Emily next weekend. My port site's steristrips are finally off. Really, life could not be better. Well, except for one thing: diarrhea dog.

Guilty of eating forest garbage and getting intestinal infections over and over again.
I am grateful for metronidazole. I am hopeful that it will work as well as it always has before. For you, I am hopeful that you never pick up any of Maggie's nasty habits.


  1. Hey Mary...I've read your blog since the day uou started. Sometimes, it takes me awhile to catch up but I finally do. I never realized there might be a reason why I was drawn to it. We've all learned a great deal about your struggles and your fortitude. Never thinking that perhaps one day I would also be a joining your "C" camp. There is a relatively high probability based on an ultrasound. FNA and genetic molecular testing that I may be looking at follicular/
    hurthle cell thyroid cancer . Heading to Mass
    General in two weeks for a surgical consult. Thank
    You for your inspiratiinal postings. Never thought in a million years that reading it would serve as an incentive for me to have a positive attitude and approach to dealing with my own diagnosis of cancer should that be the end result. Thanks again, Mary

  2. O, Marian, I am sorry to hear that. What a darned nuisance! I am sure they will take good care of you at Mass Gen. Please let me/us know how it turns out. Since you say "relatively high probability of cancer," we can and will hope you end up without that diagnosis. Fingers firmly crossed and thumbs tightly held.