Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 11

OK, got the camera to work. All I had to do was restart the computer. You'd never guess I had a master's in computer science and if I publicly announced my alma mater, they'd sue me! It's certainly been a lot of time and some of it, I actively tried to forget. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of me:
I look pretty good, huh?

My first watercolor. If the doctor gig doesn't work out, I'll have a fall back career. Maybe.
Thank you, Meg, for the really wonderful card. Thank you, whoever sent me the really cool 5 year journal. There was no message with it, but the idea is that each day I answer a question and then the same question is there the next year and you answer it again. (ETA: turns out it was Eva. Thanks, Eva!)

I will update more later, but figured everyone would want to see the pale but otherwise normal looking me!

In other news, Emily came to visit me and we had so much fun. She stayed the night in my room and we stayed up til midnight and watched old episodes of Northern Exposure.  In some ways, the Northern Exposure episodes have aged pretty well; in some ways, they are so long winded and so hopeful that they seem like they are associated with a different culture almost. If you enjoyed them or if you missed them the first time around, I'd recommend watching one or two (again or for the first time). We also did they NYT crossword puzzle for Wed and Thurs. Wed was sort of a snooze, but I am happy to go on record as a big fan of Thursday's "Pentominoes"puzzle.

Diane came around dinner time and hung out with us. She told us stories about being six years younger than her sister and torturing her before her dates. It is so funny to imagine Diane doing that as she is such an empathetic, gentle, loving adult. I also did not know this, but Diane was the first woman EMT in Massachusetts! Ever. Isn't that the coolest!

My cytarabine rash which Emily may help me take a picture of for Thursday is a little itchy and if you have ever had any doubts about whether sarna worked or not, let me tell you from my experience, it is like rubbing magic right out of the bottle on your itchy spots. I only wish I could rub it under my PICC dressing.

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