Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 6

I will write more later probably, but this is funny and hopeful. I was sitting at my "desk" doing neurology MKSAP questions and thought to myself, "gosh that is a really uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. Hey! that's hunger." It's nice not to feel nauseous (so far today).

The other interesting thing that happened today is that I was lying in bed, thinking I'd do a little visualization before I got up and evidently my conscious mind is not in charge of the content entirely. The marrow cave has changed again and now there is stuff dripping from the ceiling and some of the lentils have this ick dripped on them (they used to be shiny, white and clean). It also turns out that the lentils move slowly through the rubble, like very slowly. They have to turn around a lot and find other paths because evidently they are not very good at getting through obstructions. There is almost no movement from the piles scattered around the cave, just an occasional collapse or shudder. I wonder where the lentils are going and what they are doing next. It is very strange to have this little internal movie going on. I've never had an experience like this before. I assume it's a collaboration between my conscious and unconscious mind and who knows? maybe all of our unconscious minds together? I wish I could draw well enough so that you could see but maybe it's fitting that your mind has to build it for itself too.

The hummingbird feeder got put back up yesterday, but no hummers yet today.

Otherwise, today was a very nice, relaxing, quiet day. I fixed myself another T shirt so I can be clean for the fam tomorrow. I went for a 1.2 or so mile walk back and forth, back and forth and then on my way back there was a woman sitting in a wheelchair who looked parkinsonian and demented and couldn't answer coherently when I asked her if she was OK. She was all by herself so I waited by her until her family came to pick her up and forgot to turn off my runkeeper so it said I went 1.5 miles, but took like 3 hours to do it (by the time I remembered to turn it off). "Current pace 50.7 minutes/mile."

The nurses are so nice to me. Some one went home today (in fact, I have new neighbors on both sides) who had a refrigerator and they gave it to me so now I can have extra bowls of chicken rice soup stocked up in my room as that is actually the best thing in the whole world to eat. There is a floor fridge, but it smells and it is not entirely clear that it is the cleanest fridge in the world so I am feeling quite privileged today to have a nice clean fridge on loan in my own room.

Tomorrow, Ellie, Emily, Terry and Tommie are coming to see me! Sleep well, all.

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  1. Mary, it frrls in reading this blog that you are sitting here next to me and we are having one of our discussions about life!
    Please be sure to tell Ira that you live the 4 things that matter most! I would have been happy to give you reiki - yes I am certified! You are missed - lots of positive energy to you and the family! Wanda