Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 4

Today was marked by lots of wonderful visitors and relatively symptom free-ness. And I found out I got nominated for an award: The granite state beacon award. I don't know anything about it, but it's kind of cool to get nominated for something that sounds so nice. The letter said it was for being a good civic deed doer and a positive role model.

Terry and Emily came to visit me today and then a little later Diane came to visit. I sent Terry and Emily home with treats and Diane home with a sewing project. One of my nurses told us how to modify a teeshirt so that it would work with a PICC, but Diane has plans to modify the modification so that it is even spiffier. I can't wait b/c I only have one modified sweatshirt and while pre-leukemia, I would have no qualms about wearing it intermittently for a week (TMI?), post-leukemia, I do.

I also got a stuffed animal today in the mail and two books. Thank you, Dan and Matthew. 

I felt great today until about 1600 when nausea popped up and reminded me of its existence. So, I did what all people who favor denial as a coping mechanism would do, I took a nap. I woke and felt a little better and ate a little dinner and then got zofran and feel absolutely perfect now. The first two days the zofran gave me a headache, but evidently I have gotten over it. (for my medical friends, they gave me 16 mg's of it--whoa, huh?)

I actually requested a second try at dinner and what sounds good is bizarrely ramen noodles. I don't make it up; I just report it.

I'm done with the donna red stuff and just on one kind of chemo now that goes 24/7 for three more days, then it's time to wait and make sure my body is responding appropriately. Die, leukemia, die.

It's time for vitals again. See you tomorrow.


  1. It feels very odd to be reading your blog but we were quite worried when we heard you were sick and I did a google search and here you are! Hope you are well soon!


    1. thank you for your wishes. It's ok with me for you to read the blog. I actually feel really good and am getting better absolutely on schedule. I've been remarkably complication free and aside from the bald thing look about like I did last time you saw me.