Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 14

Today was a lovely quiet day. I caught up on some misc paperwork kind of stuff I'd been putting off for a while. (Feels good to have that done.) Debbie and Ira came to visit me which was a nice treat. I had not met Ira before. He seems very nice, treated Debbie as though he realizes what a prize she is, and altogether I approved.

Other than that I did the sudoku, enjoyed my platelets, got a unit of blood and a unit of platelets without complication and discovered that they make a really delicious veggie burger here. A winner of a summer Saturday--all that is missing is a trip to the beach; I had to make do with a shower.

My hair is starting to come out really quickly now. I am hopeful that enough stays in til tomorrow that I look like my normal self when Ellie gets here and she can help buzz me down so it's not such a dramatic change for her 10 year old brain.

Update on addressing the leukemia: It's kind of like addressing the pig that gave me bacon for my breakfast sandwch. "Dear leukemia, thank you for dying so that I might live." It sounds really sappy written out, but doesn't feel sappy when I say it, even aloud as I did to Debbie and Ira today.

Tomorrow Terry and Ellie are coming to visit. Monday I am getting my first post treatment bone marrow biopsy. I'll get the results on Tuesday afternoon. The hoped for response is that there is nothing apparent in my bone marrow. That all that goop and slime that I see in my marrow cave reflects the death and destruction that has filled my marrow cavity. Please continue to do all the good things you have been doing on my behalf in hopes of an empty marrow Tuesday afternoon. I remain tremendously appreciative as always. Thank you.

see how thick the part is getting? I just swiped two more hairs off my keyboard too.
The harvest from one "comb" of my hair with my fingers.
The good thing is that what the chemo has done to my hair, hopefully it has done in capital letters to my leukemia!

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