Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 86 - pre-medding for chemo

In order to bolster myself for chemojail, I made a social visit to Manchester today. First breakfast/brunch/snack with Cara and Eva at Chez Vachon. Delicious! It was odd because I normally would have gotten cherry crepes with powdered sugar, but with chemo tongue, I knew it wouldn't taste good so I opted for kielbasa and cheddar. Yum, yum, but only get one crepe because they are twice the size of any crepe I have had elsewhere. I liked the idea of French-Canadian crepes with Polish sausage and English cheese. Highly recommended. It was so nice to see Cara and Eva and sit around and chat for a while. We were all very reluctant to get up and go, but managed to eventually.

Next stop, the Community Hospice House and then Home, Health and Hospice's offices. It is nice to go and say hi to everyone who has sent me cards and been so kind. I never get to see the home nurses, however, because they are always on the road, working. Except, that one of the nurses had stopped by because nature called and I didn't recognize her. I think I have been away too long! I also get to see a limited set of nurses at CHH because there are only a few on at a time. Some one made the joke that now I was all pre-medicated for chemo which I liked. The final stop will be my Bedford office which I didn't have time to visit today, due to Ellie coming home from school. I am hoping to visit there later this week.

Other activities for today were taking the dog for a walk, sudoku, the NYT crossword puzzle, weaving a little bit and an early bed. Dull, dull, wonderful.

Someone asked me today how I felt about the fall weather we are starting to have and I was surprised to hear my answer was a bit angry because I hadn't gotten my summer. It's going to be another season before I will feel back to normal, too. I will have to consider how to make myself feel like I'm getting my fall even though it will not be normal.

I'm hoping for myself that I can find what I need to feel like I've had an autumn. That's not a bad wish for all of us.

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