Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 89 - Planet Fitness and procrastination

As this was my last day before a triumphal voluntary return to chemojail, I thought I'd run errands, do laundry, get everything as ready as I could think of for being gone for six days and then procrastinate about packing. Really, if I'm not packed, tomorrow can't come, right? Then, I'll be forced to stay home. Sorry, Dr. Hill, I really tried to come for chemo, but my suitcase just wouldn't pack itself. Whaddya say we try next month instead? Yeah, I know, my next task after catching you up on today is to go pack. It's really not too hard because my books are already piled up and my toiletries are still packed from last trip. All I have to pack is clothes and art supplies. I can do that in the morning, right?

The big activity for today was a trip to Planet Fitness where I discovered that just because I can walk 5 miles doesn't mean I am in good shape. I had to tell the exercise bike I was 70 years old to get it to go slowly enough for me to tolerate it. The good news is that I will have some goals after this round of chemo.

I finished my weaving and was very pleased with the results. These were both experiments and they both worked out well. I visited my therapist, bought chocolate for the nurses up north and put my loom that is in storage back together. A couple of phone calls to friends, take out from the Thai restaurant in Hampton and it was a full day.

Somehow I've never mentioned the zinnia hedge in front of my house. For the last four years, I've planted zinnia and every year, I seem to plant more and more. This summer, I planted all the way across (after my landlady dug up a beautiful planting area) and then when the plants were about six inches tall, I went off to Lebanon. The area languished, I am told until a week before I was due to return when Barbara went out and weeded them. Now they are the size of a kindergartener and covered with blossoms. Earlier this summer we had flocks of painted lady butterflies and now we have monarchs. I counted about eight earlier this week, but now it's just the odd one or two.
Doesn't this just say "New England"?
Well, I can't see any further ways to put off packing so I guess I'll go drag myself upstairs. May you and I both have good tomorrows, with pleasant surprises or at least without unpleasant ones.

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