Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 97 - another tired day

Drat! I missed our three month anniversary. I know you were hoping for a nice night at a hotel and a bubble bath together, leukemia, but I'd like you to go now. We're done. Thank you for the memories and lessons, but it's over.

Last night I slept really well and would have maybe even have slept longer except for a certain little lab who was desperate to go out at 0425. I went back to sleep and woke feeling fairly good this morning. Terry drove me to the NCCC this morning. I didn't need a transfusion (hgb 11.5, platelets 70, ANC 900) so we came home without any new infusions. I ate lunch, napped and then woke as Tommie and Kita arrived. Today is the first day of Tommie's retirement! Ten minutes later, Maggie came back from her walk and then as she was getting dried off, Ellie came home from school. It was a very pleasant pandemonious scene for about half an hour. I needed another nap in the later afternoon to recover. Then dinner, shower and soon bed.

I feel a little bit better today than yesterday which is nice. I am not sure how long it will last as my counts are still going to dip down further in the next week or two and that is when I feel worst. It seems like if I just take naps constantly and eat little meals that that helps a lot. I mostly just feel really tired all over and my eyes get tired easily and everything seems too bright and foggy.

Otherwise, I am feeling pretty dopey most of the time, but fortunately no one really requires much intellectually from me. I can do sudoku still and the crosswords, but don't ask me how to cook a chicken or for directions anywhere. I can talk with people I know, but find people I don't know speak too quickly mostly. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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