Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 90 and 91 - back to chemo jail

Short entry tonight as Emily is here. I'm fine. We just did a bunch of crossword puzzles. I'm in a double room, but they are having a very late discharge and then I will move into a single. Singles are so much nicer than doubles even with a very nice roommate.

The main problem with the double room is that if you have the bed near the bathroom, there is no help for it. The bathroom door opened maybe 3 feet from my bed. The room was so small, there was no where to sit for two to do a crossword puzzle except on the bed and if we faced toward the curtain that separated my half from the roommate's half, she would not have been able to get in and out of bed. So, face the bathroom we did, quite more closely than one would like to be doing.  Both of us were supposed to save everything we produced in little hats for the nurses to measure. The very nice roommate had an ileus--basically her GI system wasn't working--which made the whole thing a little more tolerable, but I felt like I couldn't use the bathroom because it was so close--with predictable results.

I was moved to my new single around 9:30. I was incredibly tired, got my benadryl, got my chemo and went to sleep. I don't even remember Emily coming back from brushing her teeth or her making her bed. It was sure nice to see her. Thank you for driving down to see me, Emily!

I woke in the middle of the night with nausea (for the first time during consolidation). I sat up and it passed in about 15 seconds, but just to be on the safe side, I took a compazine which I think gave me a headache. I had my morning chemo, Emily went home and I napped. After my nap, I tried really hard to concentrate enough to do a sudoku, but couldn't so I took another nap. I was really discouraged at being so tired (how am I ever going to be energetic enough to go back to work if I can't even stay awake for an after lunch sudoku?), but after my nap, when I was thinking better, I realized that I napped a lot last time, too. Then I walked around the hospital outside, three times and came back to eat dinner.

 I think my port is healing a lot today because it is itchy beyond belief. I don't know why or how it would be healing more enthusiastically the day after chemo than the day before, but I like the idea that it is itchy because it is healing much better than I like the idea that it is itchy because it is about to slough chemo damaged skin, for instance, so I'm going with it.

I hope you are having a nice fall weekend and that the happy explanation is more believable than the less happy one for you, too.

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