Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 77 - totally normal normalcy

I continue without medical news. Dog walking (she stopped limping and then started up again after the walk), weaving (was able to get by without more heddles, just barely), going to Kittery with Terry to visit the Beach Pea and his studio complete with a new kiln (our usual Saturday morning activity) and a walk with Terry and Ellie in the evening. Also, the usual sudoku and NYT crossword (couldn't do it without googling).

I feel great. My taste is still goofed up; I really liked the idea of a chocolate croissant from the Beach Pea and was thinking my taste buds were returning to normal while I crunched through the tiny chocolate drizzle, but when I got to the chocolate in the inside, it just didn't taste right. It's so funny because my brain says, "Yes!" over and over although more dimly than it used to and then, the reality disappoints. Last night, I saw a really delicious looking desert go by and overheard the people eating it gushing over how good it was. I said to myself, "I think I'll get one of those" and then realized a second after that it would in all likelihood taste like saccharin. I was also able yesterday to jog a little bit (I do mean "little," my distance was measured in steps, 120-140, three times, but still). All of my punctures are healed with quite colorful scars, but they're all completely closed. I think I am firmly into normalcy at this point and I get to have fourteen days of it!

Continued normalcy for me, and if you like your normalcy, lots of it for you, too. If you are ready for something abnormal, I hope you get the best kind of it.


  1. Really enjoy reading your daily blog. I almost spit bullets the other day when I wrote two detailed responses to two of your postings and somehow managed to lose both of them between the virtual keyboard on a tablet and that rediculous security phrase we all have to decipher before posting. I was so frustrated ....I closed the tablet and went to bed. Oh well! I'll get around to reposting it. Hey Mary...I know you love your dog so I am sure you could appreciate this. Does Terry do anything with ceramic and copper? I don't like my Maine
    Coon cat ....aka.... Oliver drinking out of a plastic based fountain. I am looking to purchase a food grade ceramic bowl with a pump and copper tubing and will have to have it made. I have found one person doing it on-line but I wasn't crazy about his work. If Terry doesn't....would he possibly know someone who does this sort of thing? I hope you don't mind me asking you this question on your blog......I thought it would be OK since you are feeling a tad bit stronger. Very happy to see that you are enjoying a little bit of each day alone and in the company of your family and close friends. Smiling for you!

    1. A lot of people have told me they have troubles commenting. I think the security phrase and signing in are all tough for people. Thank you for keeping on trying!
      I don't think Terry does that kind of work, but have asked him if anyone he knows does. I'll let you know.
      Our dog drinks out of a metal bowl that we have to fill by hand. I won't tell you how often we use the spring water and how often she drinks city water.