Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 91 - brief note on room design

Again, my roommate was very nice, and even with a nice roommate, there were some things about the design of our double room which would have made it a real trial for me to have to stay there. (maybe I would have gotten used to them? doubt it).

The first is the afore-mentioned bathroom right by my bed. At CMC, the door to the bathroom is rotated 90 degrees away from both beds, essentially, you walk by the bathroom door as you walk into the room. I think this is a much better solution.

Second, and I don't know that there is a solution to this, the nice armchair is in the window and there seemed to be only one of them in the room. This means that it was impossible for me to use it unless the roommate was out getting a long procedure without having to be stuck on her side of the curtain with her in bed, either wanting to talk with me, talking on the phone with her family or trying to sleep. This situation obviously was not going to work for me and means that I would have been stuck in bed the entire time I was in my room. It would not hurt me to spend hours in other part of the hospital, but I'm glad I was put back into a single. I'm not sure what kind of improvements would have made the chair situation better. I just don't think the room is big enough for two armchairs and the person who gets the window, gets the window.

I know the trend in well-funded hospitals as they remodel is to make every room a single which I think is an excellent plan. I know however, that some hospitals are so crowded they have, even worse, hall patients.  If I thought being in a double was terrible, how much would I have enjoyed being a hall patient in one of the over crowded city hospitals?

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