Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 209 - less and less

I have just gotten a journaling app and have discovered that there are a lot of issues I'd like to chew on by writing about that I cannot put on the internet. I keep starting entries for today and then saying, "woops! can't put that out in the world." I knew this would happen eventually because more and more of my time is occupied with patient care (which I cannot write about except in general terms) and medical director stuff (much of which I can't write about at all). So, I'm left with leukemia which is slowly becoming a smaller part of my life, chronicles of my walking and my dog barfing which are only interesting to the really hardcore fans and notices about the development of the out patient palliative care clinic which are pretty slim right now, but should be picking up soon. I might start checking a blog like that only once a week, but you all are kinder than I am.
Hey, did anyone notice how casually I slipped that leukemia is becoming a smaller part of my life in that last paragraph? Pretty slick, huh?
My wish for tomorrow for myself is to learn everything I can from my leukemia while it shrinks just a bit in importance. My wish for you tomorrow is for pleasant learning opportunities.

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