Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 212 - this n that

The rest of today was pretty low key. Emily and I went to Portsmouth to buy her chocolate to take back to school and for me to take up to 1West nursing station in Lebanon. I was taken by surprise on my last admission with the announcement that I was done with chemo so I did not bring up chocolate or say a very good "thank you and good bye" to the nurses. I will do it Monday when I go up to see Dr. Hill.
You may recall that I told you the nurse practitioner called on Friday night to tell me that there was a new secretary and John wouldn't be in the clinic after all on Monday morning. She then rescheduled me, but told me she couldn't schedule me in the computer, but would have the secretary do it Monday. Oddly, John called me on Sunday night to deliver the same message. He was surprised that I had already been called. Sometimes I get the feeling that the left hand is not only unsure what the right hand is doing, but it is not always aware that there is a right hand. Hopefully my appointment on Monday will make its way into John's schedule. I think I'll double check that.
It was nice to talk with John and I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to remember well enough what I was upset about to tell him. He sounded pretty tired and it makes me reflect again upon the role that my being overtired may or may not have played in my own leukemia. We'll know the answer at some point in the future and I suspect it will be yes.
I (finally) signed up for the national hospice and palliative medicine convention. Now all I have to do are hotel and airplane tickets. I always have a hard time getting myself to sign up for conferences and doing the details around them like hotels. I always have a great time and vow that next time I'll do better and then I never do. I don't know why I am always a procrastinator for conferences; I don't procrastinate in general and it's not like I have any negative feelings about conferences. It's a puzzle. I really enjoyed signing up for all the interesting sessions and am excited to think about how much I'm going to be learning in March! The last one I went to was a couple of years ago in Boston. This one will be in New Orleans which I have never been to.

This is what happens when I let Ellie use my ipad. Could I produce such a picture? No comment.
In other news, I wove a little bit and cooked a little bit and drove Ellie around.
Tomorrow I am going to work. For myself, for tomorrow, I will hope for wisdom to see what needs to be done and the best way to do it. For you, wisdom is not a bad wish either.

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