Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 228 - old home day at the barbershop

Today was notable for a couple of reasons: haircut number 3, a patient interaction where I felt like I was on my game again and a third consecutive day of working.
The work day went well. A former employee was volunteering and it was great to see her. I saw some patients and that went well, but then I had an interaction where I felt like I was back in the groove again and that was so wonderful. The whole leukemia experience has made me a better doctor in some ways, but it's got me out of practice and I get tired out pretty easily still. It's nice to feel like I'll get back to being able to concentrate and expend the energy that good listening takes.
As far as working three days in a row, I really felt tired at the end of today. I had planned on seeing one more patient, but she was asleep and difficult to waken and I was so happy to see that. I'm glad the work week is almost over as I need the rejuvenating.
I went to the barber shop as the hair by my ears was starting to lop over the top and I want to look spiffy. Jim actually took a little off the top. I think he was thinking I might look better with more off, but I wasn't sure so I had him hold off for now. Maybe next time. A friend of Jim's came in to drop off his cute little dog and it turned out she was a former patient of mine! We were very happy to see each other. She had had a hard time since I saw her last, had been unable to find a new PCP that she really "clicked" with and I felt very sad about not being able to help her out. We chatted for a while and I was so happy to see her, but so sorry that I hadn't been there when she needed me. It is weird to be so embedded in people's lives and then suddenly leukemia and poof! you're out. I think it was a surreal experience for all of us.

For me, for tomorrow, I'll keep hoping for that slow crawl toward normal. For you, I'll hope for that slow improvement of normal.


  1. Hey look great in short hair. So glad to see you doing so much better.

  2. Thank you! I sort of like the short hair and it is so much fun going to the barber's I think I will never want to go to the hairshop again! It seems to be a common thing that cancer survivors do for a while at least after their treatments are over to keep their hair very short. We'll see next spring if I decide to grow it out, but for now--short.