Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 199 - new blogging app

The original blogger app that I was using was not very good and I couldn't figure out how to put pictures in it and it would randomly decide to hang. The blogpress app is rumored to be nicer and so far it is.
As you can see below, I have managed to figure out how to get photos in the blog.

A 47 year old physician was diagnosed with AML and underwent induction and consolidation chemotherapy. Six months later, she was in remission but was left with banded areas of hyperpigmentation in her nails. This phenomenon, called Muercke's nails is associated with hypoalbuminemia, malnutrition and chemotherapy. Nails grow at the rate of about 1 millimeter/week and the lines are expected to grow out over the next few months.
With a little more buffing and expansion, I will try sending it in to the NEJM images in clinical medicine series.
There was a recipe in the NYT for bagels so Terry made some this morning. They were delicious and homemade bagels is a fun first breakfast of the year.
Ellie insists on growing so we had to visit Target for more jeans later in the day. This was an alarmingly long visit and I had plenty of time to observe the employees. The poor woman who was running the desk where they make you count how many things you're taking in to the dressing room got about eight calls from people wanting to know "Are you open now?" "How late will you be open?" No one called to ask anything else. We also got her the flu shot and she did great. I sang to her in the pharmacy consultation room while the pharmacist gave her the shot to distract her from looking at the needle. It's pretty hard to relax on command when you're eleven, but she was so shocked to hear me singing in public that she was able to.

We are forcing paperwhites this winter. The look sort of like little tufts of snow brought in the house.
Tomorrow, Terry and I are going to the Dana Farber to get my second opinion. I haven't had labs drawn in over a month so I'm looking forward to checking up on my marrow's production for the last month to make sure it's been keeping up with the quality control.
For me, for tomorrow, I am hoping for a good set of labs and a useful second opinion. For you, I will hope for useful advice, too.

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