Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 198 - work and weaving

This morning was a work day, more chart reviews and then this afternoon, I came home and hung out with my girls. Ellie is finally over her cold so she came downstairs and interacted more than she has in the last several days. I missed her and am glad to remake her acquaintance. Emily and I went out for coffee to D2 in downtown Exeter. Earlier today, I think some one made a mistake and gave me regular instead of the decaf I usually drink so I stuck to apple cider at D2, hoping to be able to sleep tonight.

Later I did some weaving and used my new Christmas reed for the first time. (A reed is the stiff thing that you pull forward to push the yarn down into the fabric.) My old one had ten little divisions per inch which is nice, but means that I can't use any very large or soft or lumpy yarn in the warp. The new one has six per inch which gives me some new options. Of course, the first time I use it, am I taking advantage of that and making a fluffy, open weave something or other? No, I am warping at 18 threads per inch, three very fine little cotton and linen threads per dent (each little opening is a dent). I am working more on learning double weave, but can probably use the results as coasters.

Tomorrow, I have no specific plans except hanging out with my family for a pleasant start to a hopefully happy 2013. For me, I will wish for time with my family for tomorrow. For you, I will wish a safe, healthy and happy New Year's Eve and, if I can have a stretch wish, the whole New Year.

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