Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 16

Monday, July 2, was a very nice day. The bone marrow went fine. I had a couple of really long conversations with friends via phone, took a shower, spent the afternoon with my friend Ana and then as I was settling down to update my blog, the nurse came in and said, "they've ordered platelets for you for tonight as a precaution since you had your bone marrow today. Here's your benadryl." I had only enough time to care for my mucous membranes and take off my glasses before I was in a med infused sleep. There is no help for it; it lasts 6 or 7 hours and then I am awake for a few hours. That is all there is to it. So, had I known what was planned I would have done my day differently so that you could be updated sooner. I am sorry.

well, how good did you think I'd look at 0430! My scalp shows through my hair now.

The bone marrow went absolutely perfectly. I would let him do another one (which is about the highest compliment there is about bone marrows). Some parts hurt more than when Dr Manno did it in Manch, some hurt less. I am beginning to get a sense for which parts are just random and which are operator controlled. Sadly, the worst of the pain, when they remove the samples is totally random as far as I can see. Part of why it's so painful is just how bizarre it is, the pain radiating around inside the bone, down the leg. It's just not something I've felt before. I've almost gotten over how weird the "pop!" when the stylette (or whatever it's called) breaks through the cortex of the bone. The first one was "dry" so he had to do it twice so now I'm a real expert.

Results come at 3 pm today. The hoped for result is empty empty empty. If not, they have their ways. This round of chemo gave me a rash and made my hair fall off. I think the next round makes my rash fall off and gives me hair in my ears. Just kidding!

BTW, my rash is really kind of dull now that I am no longer oozing blood into it constantly onacounta having platelets. I'll try to remember to put a picture beneath the fold.

Ana and I had a good time; we walked maybe two miles. I found more halls I can go down that double my usual length so that is nice. She told me lots of funny stories about growing up in Redding, MA and brought me a box of 100 colored pencils and some coloring books: one a nature one that includes some things I can see out my window and one a "stained glass" mandala book. Both will also be fun with Ellie.

I did want to mention that usually when I put a "thought" up, it's a stretching/bending/distillation of
something or maybe two somethings that has happened or almost happened usually in the past few days. When I talk about an actual event, like I got chocolates delivered through the interoffice mail! from Tricia and Maryanne (thank you!) it happened when I said it happened--yesterday morning.

Today is planned to be a dull day. Sadly, I think I may get blood and because I have such vigilant little lymphocytes, I think the plan will be for more benadryl today during the day. Posting may be late and light which can sound the same if you are from some parts of the country.

Here is the promised picture of my stomach rash:

much lighter than before

Safe journeys, everyone, this holiday week.

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