Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 20

July 6, 2012 was another relaxing and fun day. Emily left this morning after a really nice visit.
Isn't she cute? Me, I'm almost bald. We had to re-arrange the medical equipment because at first it looked like my IV was an enormous earring.
I had another surprise long distance visitor today. I knew Stephanie was coming at some point, but was quite thrilled and surprised to hear her voice at 3:30 this afternoon. Shortly afterwards Tommie who I was expecting to come today arrived and the three of us sat around and chatted and then went for a second mile walk. I was (and am) tired.

My platelets were 3 this morning and it turns out there are no platelets for me in all of New England now; my stupid lymphocytes are such picky little connoisseurs. My platelets are coming from "the south of the east" according to the message relayed me by my nurse. They were in Boston at 4 and should be here soon. I'm not sure where the south of the east is: Baltimore? North Carolina? Florida? At any rate, my attending, Dr Gautier, called the Red Cross to ask them when my blood was coming and they told him, "It will be there when it gets there, your nurse has already called twice today."

I am an extremely appreciative person for whoever's platelets are coming my way. I just hope my own marrow gets popping those snap dragons soon.

I hope you have a great weekend and, hey! please consider donating platelets or regular blood. I bet I'm not the only leukemic with hard to please lymphocytes.

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  1. MAYBE mine will work for you. Too bad we'll never know really.