Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 30 update 1

July 16 wherein we discover that our heroine is actually weaker and does, in fact, have less endurance than she did before she spent a month in the hospital, having chemo, neutropenic fevers and platelet reactions.

It seemed like if I paced myself I could do almost anything yesterday so I took what would not have qualified for a walk pre-leukemia with the dog and Dan and Ellie and ran some errands, put the laundry away, walked downtown to have lunch and went to Portsmouth to go out for dinner and now, well, I feel like I've run my first 10 miler of the season, my stomach is a little upset and I've already taken the first nap of the day! I would feel worse except that at one point Ellie was sleeping on the love seat, I was sleeping on the couch and the dog was sleeping on the kitchen floor. I'm not sure what Emily was doing (possible napping in her room) and Terry was going to his studio. It's good some one has a work ethic in this family!

I had this incredibly delicious (something tasted delicious!) salmon/potato/leek/sundried tomato concoction yesterday at Jumpin' Jay's. I asked them to make sure the salmon was well done. I think this is not what they are used to getting asked for. 

Our plan for today is to shopping in Portsmouth because Dan wants to go to a kitchen store there and we both like Portsmouth and I haven't been there since the Market Day 10 K the week before I was diagnosed/etc. Then we're going to go visit Terry's studio and have lunch in Kittery at the Beach Pea (although I will be having bread and butter and probably water).

I am hoping for a quiet, sensible day for myself and you, too, if that sounds good to you.

----update 1

It turns out that I had even less endurance than I thought, but more sense than many thought I had (including me). I went to Kittery with Dan, Emily and Terry and then went home to an hour long nap. Dan went to Portsmouth by himself and bought some nice water glasses, some non-scented massage oil as he is worried about my skin and chocolate. I slept deeply. I woke feeling pretty good, hung out, lost at Uno and Sorry to Ellie and then went for a walk all the way to the other end of downtown and home again. Dinner = fruit and yogurt, and may well for the rest of my life. I also stocked up on omeprazole which appears to be a new multi times a day requirement for life. My poor GI system was a quivering blob of just barely functional and now is like a pile of garbage decorated with little bits of garbage. Hopefully, it is rehab-able.

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