Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 33

What a great day. There is just about nothing to post. I continue to feel better every day and get stronger and go for longer walks around town (2 miles this evening) and eat a more and more normal diet (ice cream still tastes too sweet).

Today, I lost at Uno instead of Sorry; supervised Ellie and the daughter of one of Terry's friends; cooked lunch and dinner; dug out the beet and tomato plants from a month of overgrown grass and misc weeds and used a shovel to dig a 6 foot tall weird flowering weed out of Ellie's flower garden that no one happened to notice for the past month. I'm a little sore, quite tired and very happy.

Also, Dr Hill (my official oncologist who is on vacation) gave me a call today just to check on me which was really nice because I was starting to work myself into a frenzy about having platelets of 745 (this is about 1.8x the upper limit of normal. platelets are a component of your blood that allows it to form clots). Like, what if I survived my leukemia only to be completely disabled by a stroke because my platelets were too high? Should I be on aspirin, especially since I'm also on some girl-hormones (for reasons that involve TMI)? Lather, rinse, repeat, spin out of control. Anyway, he called from his vacation (I thought I was a devoted doc--I call people from stay-cations, but I don't think I ever have from an out of state vacation--not that I've gone on one of those for a while) just to check on me and see how I was doing and was able to convince me that since my total cholesterol is 140, since I have no coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and am 47, that I'm OK even if my platelets were a whole lot higher than they are.

For me, it's so nice that the answer isn't just "you won't have a stroke, stop worrying," but a detailed explanation of why he thinks I won't with an answer that responds specifically to what I was worried about.

Our friends are teaching Ellie to surf tomorrow. If you hear that we are moving to Hawaii next week, you'll understand what happened.

I hope you have a most excellent evening and Friday.

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