Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 29

Today Dan came to visit from Pennsylvania and it is about 100 degrees in Exeter. There were so many cars going to the beach today that we got stuck in a traffic jam on High Street on our way to the fruit stand. We were going to go to a movie, but couldn't get enough energy together to organize four people even though we had the movie picked out. We did manage to get three of us to go to the Green Bean where they gave me a pickle even though I didn't want one and I spilled my coffee all over the place. It was Dan's first time there and he liked it. If you haven't been to the Green Bean, there are branches all over the SeaCoast; next time you come out here, go to one and get the mozzarella, pesto and tomato sandwich. I like it on olive; Emily prefers whole wheat.

We're going to Jumpin' Jay's for dinner. If you've never been there, come on out to the SeaCoast and go. Their scallops and salmon are really good. I'm not having any (because my hematologist would probably fire me--well, and because I don't like them), but Terry and Emily like the oysters a lot. The cerviche is delicious and I will avoid it--again, don't want to be fired.

Dan and I have been friends since we were 14. That is a lot of years. We have never spent more than a year without speaking nor more than two without seeing each other. We have both seen each other through a lot of stuff. There is nothing like an old friend.

It's so nice to be home. The girls are bickering; it's 100 degrees in the living room and the dog is hogging the fan. It's at least 5 million times better than being in the hospital.

I hope you are getting your heart's desire today and that it is much more wonderful than you thought it would be. It is for me.

Dan with yarn and a head massager in the background

Me with Ellie's arm and the kitchen in the background

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  1. Please give my best to Dan. Don't let him put any suction cups on his head, though! ;^)