Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 44

No leukemia news for today. Still planning chemo jail on Friday. I am starting to think about sorting through the 29 days of stuff that I brought home from my last episode because I will not need all of it for only five days.

In non leukemia related news, I dug the broccoli plants out from 29+ days of weeds. They're still there and very tiny and fragile. We'll see how they do now. They were exposed to the sun for fewer than twenty minutes when the first cabbage moth came along.

I went to Portsmouth and had a tea with Patrick. I think we have made plans two or three times that have been cancelled at the last minute due to doctor appointments, surprise consults, etc. It was nice to get to sit outside Breaking New Grounds and chat for a while.

I also wove a little bit, but I am currently very frustrated with it and don't want to talk about it. I am glad my loom is too big to go to the hospital with me.

Since there's not much news, here are a couple of very sweet pictures of me and Ellie from when I first came back from induction.

This cute little dog from the other side of town was wandering around our backyard when we were trying to go to the grocery store so Emily and I took it over to the police station. It was very different from our dog who weighs 60 pounds. When I patted my lap, the dog jumped right up. It felt no heavier than a paperback book as it landed. Evidently the dog has a rap sheet because the policeman said, "I know this dog." Our dog leashes are all too big to fit into the little tiny d-ring on its collar. Cute. Dog tags don't have a phone number or address on them anymore so we couldn't just take the dog home. I hope its people don't get a fine.


  1. Not sure that those pictures could be ANY sweeter! <3

  2. Beautiful. Makes me think of my own little girl. I was talking to Rayleigh, my 12 year old, today asking her if she remembered you. I only brought her with me for an appointment once or twice and you were in a different building. Rayleigh was climbing on me and I'd had other doctors get annoyed about that because she was pretty clingy and always wanted my attention. I didn't mind too much. Rayleigh was enjoying attention she couldn't get when her brother is around because he needs way more attention that kids who don't have asperger syndrome. Rayleigh was only 4 at the time but you were fine about it and that made me very happy.

    1. I remember. Mostly I like it when people bring their families with them to appointments. A moment with a person gives more information than a half an hour of exposition so having someone tell me about their child's needs is not nearly as informative as my getting to see it. It helps me understand who the patient is in front of me to know who else is in their family depending on them and helping them out.

    2. Rayleigh was actually 7! I didn't move here until she was 7. LOL. I shouldn't post at 3am. I felt very comfortable because Rayleigh and I could be who we were and not worry about it. :)