Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 31

It is so nice to be home. I am slowly getting more stamina and endurance. And sense, perhaps. Today I goofed around for a while, then went to Starbuck's with Emily and then tried to take a nap I didn't even need because I didn't even fall asleep! I just laid on the bed and rested. How about that, huh? Then Ana came over and we did lots of general goofing around, including a visit to my favorite fruit stand (no peach freezing which had been the original plan and which I dismissed as too ambitious--see? showing better sense). Then I tried the nap gig again and again! didn't need to actually sleep. This is becoming quite exciting. Soon, I may be able to rest in a chair during the day even. Who knows, what might come after that?

Tomorrow I go to see Dr Manno (my local heme/oncologist) to get my labs drawn and to work on sorting out the issues we need to sort out before I do chemo again (in about 2.5 weeks, not that I'm counting). I had been very afraid that he was going to draw my labs and say I had to go right back to Lebanon for another month (based on absolutely nothing, but how nice it is to be out and how afraid I am that that will be taken away from me).

Stefan called yesterday to say hi and assured me that he would be shocked if Dr. Manno sent me back so soon so I can breathe a little deeper now. I understand, intellectually, of course, that it is not even the tiniest bit reasonable to think anything is going too wrong. I'm getting pinker and stronger every day. Except for the hair thing, I look pretty normal. I can go up and down two flights of stairs several times a day, sometimes carrying a small basket of laundry. OK, I'm just going to see Dr. Manno and I'm not even going to pack myself a little bag incase he makes me go up to Lebanon so I can have my comfy pillow. I will just have the stuff I always have in my car with me, no extra clothes or my computer or ... in. out. in. out.

In other news, Ellie is ruthless at Sorry. If she offers to play with you, just be sure you don't do it for money.

My plan for this evening is to go for a little stroll with whoever will stroll with me or possibly by myself.

I hope you are having a pleasant and not too overheated day.


  1. LOL Ellis surely is ruthless at Sorry. I'll have to bring some board games next time. :) OR we could play apples to apples! :)