Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 26 with an update

All I have to say right now is 150. (well, and a short paragraph below.)

I am thinking the day after tomorrow will be 500+, but we'll see. Things are clearly waking up in the marrow caverns/garden. When I came in, my ANC was about 200, so this is very good progress. My platelets are 330, my hemoglobin is 7.9 and my WBC is 2.1. My platelets are for sure and I think my WBC may be also higher than when I came in. The only thing lower? my blast count. (Blasts are leukemia cells that are circulating--I had 5-10% when I came in and 0 now. This is the best news of all.)

----update #1
I had a very pleasant day today. Emily came and did the crossword puzzles from this week with me and hung out for a few hours. Then my friends Natacha and Mike came by for a while. We chatted, they brought me a book on CD to listen to while I walk and then we walked 1.5 miles. For those of you who haven't been able to see me in person, Mike says I look a ton better than my photos make me look. He said he felt very reassured at seeing how strong and healthy looking I was.

I had a great day today and am going to bed tired, not fatigued, but tired. I'm so excited. I think this means things are getting more and more normal. It is looking like Sat or Sun for me to go home. I'm starting to think about packing.

Stronk, like bull.

I am going to bed now and hope your heart's desires feel as close as mine do right now.

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