Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 50

A nice quiet day with some good visitors, chemo in the evening. Who could ask for more?

My morning was very quiet and pretty non-eventful then Terry came, we had lunch, went for a walk and then he left and Eva and John came for a while. We covered lots of things the way conversations with Eva and John tend to do. They asked about what qualities in nurses I find most wonderful. I had just been thinking about it and certainly on the rare occasions I was actually sick, I really appreciated the nurses who acted as though they had seen this before and knew what to do and who were able to get me feeling better. The rest of the time, I appreciate kindness and efficiency. John said that he had found nurses who were able to make whatever was happening seem normal to be very comforting. Nurses who seem like they are interested in me specifically and not just me, the AML patient, are also viewed positively. Staff who are annoyed by taking care of me are not viewed positively ("What do you want?" is not an acceptable answer to a call light, for example.)

Not much else to report on from yesterday. The weather is beautiful, the grounds are gorgeous, the food is ok, the staff is kind, the chemo is salty, the rash is better and the visitors could not have been more congenial.

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  1. Ok that is pretty much analogous to an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top