Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 72 - a stupid URI

I guess it was inevitable. Terry, Emily and Ellie all have had colds in the past week. I seem to have gotten it now. Fortunately, no fever so far, although I feel crummy. I am also convinced that a virus I had in March is what started my AML so I'm a little nervous about what mischief this one might be doing.

I went to the NCCC today and my labs looked great: hemoglobin 9.8, platelets 114, ANC 730. Seven hundred and thirty is greater than five hundred so I can relax the neutropenic precautions! Hooray! soon I'll be eating totally regular food. Liver and kidney labs were also normal.

As right now I want nothing more than my bed, I am going to say good night and work on moving in that direction.

May you avoid the URIs that are going around right now.

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