Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 67

The big excitement for today actually happened yesterday. The basement smoke detector started going off and because of the way our house is arranged, we thought it might have been an upstairs one so it took us a while of checking out all the upstairs smoke detectors to decide it was not any. I am not supposed to go into the basement because it is moldly. Emily was going to go down and check things out (we thought it was a bad battery), but the light at the top of the stairs wouldn't go on and she didn't want to go down with a flashlight. Fortunately, we rent and we called our landlords to come save the day. They replaced the battery and it stopped so they declared victory and went home. In the middle of the night (like, truly 1 am), Emily took a shower and the smoke detector started going off again. We really like our landlords so we decided not to call them until the morning.

In the morning, they were very disappointed that their fix had not fixed it, but we were starting to narrow things down to the boiler leaking. They called their boiler guy who said to check where the pipe exits the boiler and, sure enough, all the silicone around it was missing. Gary fixed  it and we'll see. In the meantime, I realized that I have been intermittently short of breath for no apparent reason (usually while sitting at the kitchen table) since I've been home so I wonder if I have been having a low level of some exhaust gas poisoning. Since I'm anemic and no one else in the house is, perhaps I am more vulnerable. At any rate, I spent most of the morning on the front porch and much of the afternoon running errands. I'll be on the lookout for repeats of the shortness of breath.

Otherwise, today was a very low key day. Maggie got groomed. I asked the groomer to trim the hair on her butt and hips because when she goes swimming, it takes forever to dry and gets moldy. Emily made fun of me and is worried that the other dogs will laugh at Maggie. We did the NYT crossword puzzle and did not particularly like it.

Tomorrow I will be visiting the NCCC. Hopefully I won't need more platelets, but I don't think it's likely. I suspect I'll be sleeping peacefully most of the day. May you have a peaceful day, too.

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