Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 60 - tiny thoughts

I think I've talked earlier about meaning-making and life threatening disease and how I've observed in my work that really there is no future in dwelling on "why me?" or any other question about the situation beyond "what meaning does this have for me?" The obvious potential meaning in having AML and the experience of being a patient after a very long time of excellent health is that this will make me a much better doctor, especially given my work in hospice and palliative care. Hey, just look at today's other post--I understand chemobrain in a very personal way that I would not have before June 15. You may now, as well, too.

Other activities for today were pretty minimal. I caught up on the NYT crosswords as we didn't do Tuesday's because of dropping Ellie off at camp and then we did today's too. Emily and I both agreed that today's was a top flight puzzle. If you only do them from time to time, go find today's and do it.

We took Emily's car to the shop because it still does not seem to have a functional overdrive and Terry and I went grocery shopping. I did some weaving and spent a lot of time on PubMed reading about cancer survivorship (that's the fancy term for chemobrain and all the other long term sequelae of cancer and its treatment). A well spent, if very small scaled, day. I hope yours was well spent and scaled as you wish.

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