Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 64 - the latest anxiety dream

Sunday was nicely relaxing. Tommie spent the morning with us so we attempted to tire out the dogs by swimming them, then bought more peaches and potatoes (the last batch disappeared quickly and really I don't think it's possible to have too many). Tommie had to leave to beat the traffic and then Emily and I went downtown to try out the new coffee store (D2 Java--recommended) and stop by the bookstore (John Irving has a new novel out). We came home and spent a couple of hours--maybe more--wrestling with Saturday and Sunday's NYT puzzles. We've never been brave enough or felt leisurely enough to do them before and we did need to use The Google, but we got them. Then dinner, a 1.8 mile walk and weaving for me. Nothing of any real consequence happened today, just a lot of hanging out: an ideal Sunday.

Not last night, but the night before I had another anxiety dream. They seem to appear around two weeks after chemo and then go away when I do the next round of chemo. If I understood my psyche, I would probably be a much happier person; maybe they are bone marrow dependent and not related to anything in my head. In the most recent one, I was parking a car in front of a hotel and everything was in the wrong place with it: the gas was on the dashboard and the brake was where the gas pedal normally is. After a bit of a struggle and some damage to the cars parked ahead and behind my space, I got the strange little car parked. Then the bellhop walked up to my car and told me that he and the driver of a Brink's truck that was double parked in front of the hotel had decided that the Brink's truck was going to park where I was so I had to move. I told him "no." That seems like a promising anxiety dream. I'm not going to let something (the leukemia perhaps) push me around evidently.

I'm off to bed, hopefully to have pleasant dreams. Hope yours are, too.

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