Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 54 - all quiet at home with an update

Today could really be described as the pinnacle of domesticity for me. Here is my entire day's schedule: wake, email, sudoku, breakfast, hang out with family, shower, nap, lunch, walk 4 blocks to/from bookstore, nap, crossword puzzle with Emily, dinner, blog, hang out, bed. It was a lovely, tranquil day, filled with lovely, tranquil moments, and quite tiring.

I seemed to be thinking almost adequately and with Emily's help, did the Mon, Tues and Wed NYT crossword puzzles of this week so that is a good sign. I got some that she couldn't and she got a lot that I couldn't--about like usual--so I think my brain might be coming along. I managed to make edible macaroni and cheese for Ellie in the evening but in the morning I forgot to check if the beans were actually cooked before I took them off the stove and mixed them with the rest of the soup. Ah, well, I did manage to turn the stove off. Perhaps tomorrow I will be more in tune with the practical world.

My only other comment today is that I got more billing from my insurance company. They don't seem to want any money (which I am grateful for), but they did send us about 12 pages of paper that say things like, "according to the terms of your plan, these services are not covered without a referral from your primary care physician (PCP). This claim was submitted without a referral therefore no benefits are available." I am sure that anyone who has dealt with health insurance companies before will not find this surprising, but the last time they sent me this stack of papers, I called and they assured me they had the referral. Curiouser and curiouser.

I am going to put Ellie to bed soon and then go myself. Hopefully tomorrow will be more energetic than today for me. For you, I hope you have the level of energy you want, too.


Info for doctor geek friends: I just realized that my ECOG is 2 and my PPS is/was 60. Somehow, "got store and rest stop confused" has much more wiggle room in it and more space for humor, and explanation than "PPS of 60." Every now and then, a little piece of "I have leukemia" gets in and surprises me. I think one did tonight.

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  1. Insurance companies make me want to scream. I hate calling Anthem and getting the automated thing. It always asks for my subscriber number. I have to use my keypad to enter it. Usually, I'll get a response that it didn't understand what I entered so I enter it again. That seems to do okay then it wants my date of birth. I put that in and it tells me it doesn't understand so I do it again. Then it asks for my subscriber number again. That usually seems to work okay the 3rd time around. After all this I get a real live human being on the phone and they want my subscriber number and birthdate and I end up wondering if all that repetition is just to give people something to do until a customer service representative is available. The key here is to pretend you have a rotary phone. Just hold on and your call will be directed to an operator. Most automated systems have that as an option. I expect it won't always be there but for now it is.