Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 63

Another quiet day, spent with my sister in law, doing all the miscellany of home life that is so satisfying to do and so boring to read and write about. We went to the Beach Pea (if you've never been there, make a day trip to Kittery to try it out--the croissants, salads, cupcakes and eclairs are so good you'll be glad you did), to my favorite farm stand (to buy Yukon gold potatoes and peaches), took the dogs swimming in the river and made mashed potatoes. Things are actually starting to taste like they are supposed again which is a very pleasant experience. The mashed potatoes with their buttery goodness, the cauliflower, yum. If nothing else, chemo makes one appreciate the way normal things taste. I also ate a peach and an apple. They did not taste right, but tasted delicious anyway. This was good because they were a lot of effort for me to prepare so that they were safe for me.

The taste thing is funny. I get randomly through the day these terrible tastes in my mouth and find a bowl of potato chips is required to get rid of them. Sweet things still taste wrong and eggs (which I do not like much unless I have chemo-tongue) are starting to taste unpleasant again.

I had a weird little episode this morning where I got out of the car and was a little worried I might pass out. It passed and we continued about our business and then when I got home, I felt it again. I checked my blood pressure and it was like 96/60 which is actually normal for me. Since it only happened when I stood up, I figured I was volume depleted and started drinking water. I have no idea why, but I seemed to be down about half a gallon. No signs of bleeding, no edema, no shortness of breath, no diarrhea, no excessive sweating, no fevers, just missing a fair bit of fluid. Maybe my marrow was sucking it up as it continued re-awakening. I've been fine the rest of the day so it's a mystery.

Tomorrow is planned to be similarly dull which is actually OK by me. If you want interest, I hope you have it. If you are like me, and prizing the ordinariness of your days, I hope you get that.

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