Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 76 - no news like dog news

For the first time since consolidation, we went to dinner at the BlueMoon. It's been a long time since we've been there (like a whole month) and it was really nice to return. They had this incredible scallops and lobster with cream sauce and mushrooms dish that I had and Terry thought it sounded good, but couldn't have it because of the milk so the chef just whipped something up for him. Our waiter told us the chef had told him that he just threw together an aioli to go on it. Terry's dinner was delicious by report and looked it. I thought that was really kind of them to do and so far out of their way as to be like the next county over, and very, very nice. The hostess/owner also made a sangria for me that was not on the menu, but is by far my favorite alcohol to drink. Yum! We feel very cared for and as though our hearts as well as our bodies are nourished when we visit. This is why I dream about going to Blue Moon when I am in chemo jail eating hospital veggie burgers and other neutropenic fare.

Emily called and is enjoying her new job. Her roommate is coming back from Maine tonight so she is excited to see her. Ellie asked me yesterday to go on a bike ride with her today and Terry and I even went to the storage unit to get my bike this morning before he went to his studio, then Ellie backed out. We had a nice day anyway mostly just hanging out. I did some weaving, but miscalculated how big the project is so now I have half of my heddles (the white string like things) trapped on the wrong side of the loom and may have to make a pillow with the stupid dimensions of like 9 inches wide by 15 inches long. I was hoping for 15 x 15. I learned a lot from my last project but clearly not enough!

I took Maggie out to PEA today, another 3.5 mile day and when we were out in the forest on our last little bit, a woman came up to me and looked me straight in the face and said very seriously, "so, how are you?" I was a little surprised and asked her how I knew her. She said that we didn't know each other, but that she had had breast cancer and wondered how I was. We had a nice chat and after a couple of minutes figured out that her dog, Mollie, and our dog both get walked regularly by the same person so we almost knew each other. I certainly had heard about and even met her dog before. It's a small town after all. Somehow Maggie pulled something on our walk and when she gets up after a rest, she limps for a few minutes. A limping dog is awfully cute, but also really pathetic. The real wonder, given how she hurls herself around the forest and into the river is that she doesn't injure herself more often.

me: good dog! Maggie: ball, ball, ball, ball, ball!

See the speck about halfway to the telephone pole? That is Maggie's head. That thing by the shore is a rock.
There continues happily to be no leukemia news. I continue to feel really well and to work on keeping my "exercise, mood and nutrition up" as Dr. Manno says. My next medical activity is Tuesday when I get another set of labs and a visit with Dr. Manno. I'm hoping that will all be very boring and that Tuesday's entry will be a discussion of the traffic in Manchester or progress on weaving pillows. I hope the parts of your life that you would like to be boring are.

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