Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 258 - virus, drat and doing OK

It's not the best day to me. First off, I couldn't go to work because I had a fever last night and I thought it best to keep the bugs to myself. You're dying? You'd like to die with a runny nose and fever, right? So, I stayed home and surfed, napped, spent a little time working on a template for clinic notes and broke my loom. I waited to break it until the weaving shops were closed so I'm not sure if I can even find out about a replacement part until Monday. Arg! I was about one inch short of being finished with the "windows" piece. Drat!

See that harness that is drooping? It is supposed to be up like the one behind it. See that piece of frayed white cord? It is supposed to be intact and taut like the other one you can see in the pedal next to the broken one. See, you're ready to be a loom repair person; it's easy, but sadly there's not much money in it.

The windows piece. All that is left is an inch or two of black border at the top. I suppose I could continue weaving and hold the #7 harness up whenever it was supposed to be lifted. Hmmm.
Having a fever last night made me think of when I was pregnant with Emily (no, really, stay with me). Every time I would do something for the first time since being pregnant, I would note it. "This is the first time I've been here, bought clothes, swam in the ocean, fill in the blank since being pregnant." Now, that I am done with the leukemia, I think things like "this is the first fever I've had since being done with the leukemia." I had thought that I would totally freak out with my first fever because the whole fever thing had been so terrible when I was in treatment, but it turns out I did OK. I had thought I might also freak out because I am sure that the virus I had back in March was what transformed my previously normal marrow into leukemic marrow and yikes! this is another virus. It turns out I am made from sterner stuff than that and handled both "firsts" with aplomb or at least without panic. I am feeling relatively back to normal now and am so glad I managed to find the three day window when my labs would be normal!
For me, for tomorrow, I will wish that my garbage immune system gets going and gets rid of this virus quickly. For you, for tomorrow, I will wish that you do not get exposed to this little charmer.

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