Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 265 - late entry

I am having lots of insurance issues. It turns out my disability is somehow messed up retroactively to December when I went on long term disability and my health insurance thinks I owe them $1000. I'm not entirely sure, but I think they double paid the ambulance company and would like it to be my problem instead of theirs. Such troubles combined with working close to full time (I better get going now that my disability has been terminated!) and the late winter/dare-I-say-it?early spring cold make for a full day. So, not much to say about yesterday except I was happy to take to my bed at the end of it.
Because I've had this horrible cough, I thought it prudent to visit my doctor. I was a little embarrassed because one knows that antibiotics are overused and bronchitis is a major contributor to that problem. On the other hand, cough, cough, cough, tons of sputum, etc. She did a chest xray which was normal and a CBC which showed a normal--upper end of normal white count. That seems odd because usually viruses send my marrow to the fainting couch. Perhaps support for the something bacterial going on theory of this cough. At any rate, a different kind of patient experience for me; I didn't have to really worry about this one: either I needed an antibiotic or not, neither option was likely to be more than a tiny blip in my life path.
My day also included running into a higher than usual number of people who didn't know about the leukemia; they just figured we hadn't happened to intersect each other for eight months. It's weird to say casually, "O, I guess you haven't heard. I had leukemia this summer. I'm fine now; in remission and likely to stay there." The whole experience in one bite sized nugget. It makes me think of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe" how after the guy has had this huge experience on Earth, he changes his evaluation from "harmless" to "mostly harmless," as though the whole six volume adventure series can be summarized in one word, as though the whole chemo, hospital stays,  problems for my family, fever experience can be put into a sentence or two. Or really for that matter a hundred thousand words or two.
For myself for today I will wish for some nice family time. For you, I will wish for time with those you love.

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