Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 288 - run, view art and identify your infection

I checked at about 1:30 and happiness! my culture was back--sensitive to methicillin, but not to other pcn's and sensitive to every other antibiotic. The small print at the bottom said it should be sensitive to pcn+beta lactamases (i.e., the augmentin I got earlier this month), but perhaps not and perhaps that is why it didn't vanish with the disgusting sputum I was coughing up when I took the augmentin. I suspect it is time for another round of antibiotics, but fortunately since there are so many other alternatives, not vanco. You may recall that vancomycin seemed to cause fevers before. It was never 100% clear that it was the vanco (although the 1West nurses and I were completely convinced) and it is not 100% clear that my immune system now that it is not leukemia/neutropenia disregulated would respond in the same way, but if it's all the same to everyone, I'd like to hold off on finding out.

Here are the last of my New Orleans pictures. The New Orleans Museum of Art is really a fabulous museum. They're open late on Friday night, had a pianist and a singer, sold drinks in the lobby and had a fair number of people there. You can get right up close to the works, there were no crowds by the art (there were by the piano) and they had a lot of really great stuff including this Modigliano that I took for Terry who really likes him and the de Largilliere below that I just loved. I had never heard of him before, but something about the self-portrait really speaks to me.
I didn't see a security guard in the museum the whole time we were there.

I love how informal this guy looks and feel like he is about to start saying something to me about the canvas behind him that he is gesturing to.
Watch this space for upcoming shocking pictures of the flowers that are starting to grow in my front yard!
My other happiness for today is that I managed to get myself out on the shoulder of the road for 5K today. My speed is about the same as pre-leukemia even though I had to walk a couple times because I got tuckered out. I think this means that overall I might have somehow sped up! Perhaps those blasts were weighing me down.
I am so thankful that I can run. I am hopeful for more running soon. I am hopeful for you to be able to engage in your favorite outdoor activities too.

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