Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 268 the journey

I am writing somewhere between Orlando and New Orleans. At the last stop a bunch of adults wearing Mickey Mouse ears got on. There is a woman in the row ahead of me with a plastic Mickey Mouse hat with a wedding veil hanging from it. I wonder if they are getting back from their honeymoon. As you know I am going to New Orleans but most of the people on the plane are going to Houston. Do people from Houston go to disneyworld for their honeymoons? The plane is only about a third full which is much nicer than the flight to Orlando when not a single seat was open. I was not the only person coughing by a long margin too.
Other excitement for the trip is that I have completed all the journals I brought with me and moved on to my Christmas present from Emily "The Midwife" which she is correct I am really enjoying.

I was interested to learn that my port did not set off the scanner at the airport although I had to be scanned twice because I moved.
I am glad that I have travelled westward because I am quite tired and the idea of having to get up an hour early on Monday because of daylight savings and then to get up an hour earlier on Tuesday because I travelled eastward would be more than I could bear. The poor folks coming from California have a lousy transition to look forward to.
As for me I am looking forward to learning a lot (conflict resolution in the workplace and mindful listening are tomorrow's topics. For you, I hope for a lot of learning too.

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