Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 264 - say it isn't so!

There was awful news today in the SeaCoast. I literally pulled aside for the first responder fire truck on my drive this morning. I paid no attention at all to it, except to pull aside. If truth be told, when I saw the flashing lights in my mirror (which I did about a half a mile away) I was relieved it was a fire truck because I had not cleaned my car off very well and was momentarily worried I was getting a ticket for it. True confessions on the blog. Prior to this morning, that would have been a good haul for the police department, a ticket for a person who had snow streaming off their car. I am not sure when the last homicide in Exeter was. We've lived here eight years and I don't think there's been one that whole time. This is the kind of place where when you find a dog in your yard without a phone number on it and take it to the police station, a police officer comes into the foyer and picks up the dog to cuddle it.
In other news, I felt pretty good today, but then started feeling awful this evening. I have a pretty good cough so hopefully it's not pneumonia, but just post-URI annoyance.
I had a good day at work today. I had started a patient on two new pills yesterday and today was literally the best day she has had in several weeks, maybe months. She sent her husband out to buy her a coffee drink from Starbuck's when she hasn't eaten more than a bowl of broth in all that time. It's funny how excited we all were about her eating.
I was also thinking about how we hospice folks can almost walk into a room with a sick person and estimate fairly accurately how long they have left. I was imagining a science fiction story about a being who could do the same for all humans. Like, their time scale was so large and their brains so advanced compared to ours that they could see a person's life unfolded on the scale of decades after spending just a few minutes with them. Not exactly, like a fortune teller, but in a general sense, the same way that we can with sick patients. "People with this type of personality who have developed these situations tend to live for two decades and to die from accidents." It's a funny thought; maybe I'll give up the blogging gig and start writing science fiction instead.
Well, tomorrow is supposed to be snowy (again) so there really is no other wish that feels appropriate for us besides safe journeys.

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