Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 286 - being cross about the health insurance blues

You may recall my (tiny) insurance troubles. The first was that when I took an ambulance trip, the insurance company sent a check to me for half of the fee and I sent the check on to the ambulance company, then the insurance company paid the other half of the fee. The ambulance company was happy and said they had been paid, but the insurance company said that I needed to pay them back half of the fee. It turned out when I called them that the rep said that they might need me to send them a check for that amount because they had made an accounting error and put the amount in the wrong column and she wasn't sure if they could correct their error. I asked her to work on figuring out how to do fix it. A couple weeks later we got a letter telling us that we did not owe them any more money.

As for the more important one, my disability, no progress. I sent an email to the person who has been helping me with disability stuff and she sent me an email saying that she had sent it on to the new case manager and I'd hear in 3-5 days. Eight days later, I sent another email asking what the status was and she said I'd hear soon. Monday I will ask for the case manager's phone number. I really only care about it in the case that if I relapse I don't want to be denied disability because Dartmouth goofed up this episode. If some one could assure me that if I need to go out again, there won't be any problems, I'd pack up my issues and stop darkening everyone's inbox.

I recognize that my insurance troubles are so simple and miniature compared to most people with serious illnesses and that I have enough energy to deal with them and am not barfing or in pain and yet still they're a nuisance to deal with. I am in awe of people who have to deal with actually being disabled *and* insurance screwups *and* whose insurance is more complicated than mine so things go wrong constantly. (Mine has been pretty simple. Work for DHC, get almost all my treatment through DHC. Insurance is through DHC. Everything I need is in network and I do not need to cough up any money besides my copays and deductables.)

I am thankful that I have good medical insurance and hope my family and I always do. I wish that for you, too.

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