Sunday, February 24, 2013

call me, me on call, calling off the assumptions

I was not on call today, but it was just about as much fun anyway. The phones at Home Health and Hospice broke and we didn't know this. A hospice patient at home was having a tough time and couldn't get through. Her family called her oncologist who fortunately had my home phone number and called me to find out what was going on. I called the hospice house where they have all the back lines and home phones to everyone and we were able to get the patient squared away pretty easily. The next problem was figuring out how to find the person who could get the phones back in order. It was very funny because I called my boss: no answer, her boss: no answer; the only other administrator whose name I could remember: hallelujah! she was home and knew the right person to call, but didn't have her phone number. Call back the hospice house. What was funny about this all was that all this time I was thinking to myself that hospitals have administrators on call; I should mention to HHHC that we should have such a call schedule. Of course, there *was* one yet somehow once I started down the road of *I* must find the person to help me, rather than this was a solved problem, it just never occurred to me. In my defense, it also never occurred to the nurse who helped me out at the hospice house. It turned out to be a reminder when problems get tough to check your assumptions, to go back a level and make sure you've got that all straight. Also, a fire drill for what to do when these sorts of things go wrong. The oncall nurse was going to call all of our home hospice patients and make sure they were OK, i.e., that a call hadn't gotten lost at any point so I think it all turned out alright.

The other activity for today was to get cracking on the weaving that I've been leading up to for a long time now. This is the kind of thing you can do with double weave and the kind of project that made me want to learn it in the first place. Pretty cool, huh?

Tomorrow is a hospice house day, followed by a home visit. If the smelling like cigarettes problem could be fixed, it would be hard to keep me from doing more home visits, they are that much fun. As it is, having to put my clothes in the washer and take a shower before I can have a snack or chat with Ellie or even play with the dog is kind of a drag. I really hate tobacco.

For me, for tomorrow, I will hope for lots of fun and interesting things to keep me distracted from labs on Tuesday. For you, I hope for the level of distraction you need to concentrate optimally on your life. I could imagine it being more or less than the current amount.

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