Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 255 - got my wish

It's school vacation week for Ellie and I didn't work today so she decided that she was going to teach me to play Minecraft. For those of you without tween/teens in your life, Minecraft is an app ("It's not a computer game, Mom!") that lets you build anything you want. You are a little avatar who runs around with a block of different kinds of material and builds things. There are two modes: creative and survival. In creative mode, you're immortal and your resources are unbounded and you can make and build things. In survival mode, there are zombies and creepers and enderman and you only have the resources you mine yourself. It can be played cooperatively. Ellie likes to play in creative mode and she showed me a scenario she had set up that had a story that went with it. She literally talked for one hour and thirty minutes (maybe more) telling me the story about the people who lived on the island and showing me the apartment building and who lived in each room and how much rent they paid and the school and the dorm and this is where Belle who is the maid lives and she follows the kids out to a play and she doesn't know what a play is and it's "Beauty and the Beast" so she hears her name being called and thinks that people are chasing her so she runs here and here and then ends up in the underground hideout for the natural tribe and etc. Wow! Highly recommended. I can see how it would be fun. You can build these really cool three dimensional things and a lot of the different kinds of bricks float so you can build a structure and get yourself stuck in it pretty easily and not see the little window you can escape through way over there around that corner.
Next I had lunch with Tommie and happened to run into Patrick so that was a nice surprise for all of us. I had a tofu reuben which is one of my favorite things to eat and then chocolate beet cake. I wasn't sure the beets added anything except beautiful red color to the frosting, but it was tasty.
My final adventure of the day was a trip to the dermatologist. My thought is that while my immune system was being pounded by chemo, my latent pre-cancerous skin things all had a vacation and bloomed. I have had these little dark spots on my cheeks for a few years now, but one of them recently has gotten rough and red around the edges. The derm agrees that it looks like a pre-skin cancer and gave me a blast of liquid nitrogen. Ouch! Hopefully it will grow back nice pink smooth skin.
Attractive, isn't it?
It's kind of nice to have a normal day. I still need to get my port removed (I didn't want to do it while my labs were still abnormal in case I needed it again). After getting my port removed, I think I will be done with my leukemia related doctor things except for labs every three months for a while. I am turning more and more into a normal person. Pretty soon I will stop having nightmares about foot long tomato caterpillars and then I won't know what to do with myself.
For tomorrow, I will wish for nothing special, just a normal day. For you, if you would like an out of the ordinary day, I hope you get it, otherwise, I would love to share my normal day.

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