Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 246 - a contrary day

The theme for today is evidently little disappointments. I was supposed to go to brunch today with Tommie, but the snowstorm made her reluctant to drive far (probably a wise decision, just one I don't like). I had to sop my sadness by going to the Green Bean with Ellie and one of her friends.

As all grilling fans know, vegetables grilled during a snowstorm are particularly tasty and I just happened to have red and yellow beets, potatoes, parsnips and mushrooms. After I started up the grill and arranged them on the tray, I discovered the only thing lacking was more than five minutes of propane. We certainly weren't going out in this weather to fill the propane tank so--to the oven. Very inferior solution. Of course, if I'd set my mind on oven roasted vegetables from the beginning, I would have been very happy with them. As it is, I'll probably make them like this again and then if the power fails and I have to grill them, I'll complain about that! I never really noticed before, but cooked beet flesh is translucent when cut thinly. Exquisite.

I did a little weaving--work on setting up the warp. With how many things have gone in unexpected directions today, I'm not sure I should be touching it. One of the many good things about weaving however, is there is very little of it that is not undoable. If one is using a hammer to make a metal vessel, one can never take back a hammer blow. If the metal cracks or the dab of paint ends up in the wrong place, too bad. With weaving, it may be a lot of work, but you can unweave almost anything without harming the materials so I shouldn't worry too much. If something goes wrong, most likely it's just time that will be needed to fix it. Ha!

Tomorrow,  I have nothing out of the ordinary planned. I'll hope for an anti-contrarian day for all of us.

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