Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 242 - new world record

So, today I set my new world record for post leukemia work. I worked 7.5 hours in a row. I'm a little tired, OK? Not too far over the edge, but tired. My knees and hips even are tired and a subject and a verb that match seems like a bit of effort. I thinks I'll just relaxed them a little biddy bit. OK, maybe not.
Today was the kind of day at work that seems best described as wooly, as in: wild and wooly. Everything came out OK in the end and only involved two calls to the ED, one impromptu family meeting and a single call to the fire department to rescue a single small animal. OK, I'm joking about one of those three. Good luck figuring out which. Actually, you know how sometimes people surprise you by suddenly pulling out devotion or kindness or generosity you didn't know they possessed? It's especially nice when it's someone you thought had it in them, but who has acted for a long time like they didn't, then suddenly they do and you were right all along. It's also especially nice when it's someone you thought was just really not a nice person and wow! you were wrong and the world is a better place than you had thought. I had both experiences today so that made it a good day although it contributed to the wooliness by making me a little off balance a lot of the time. Happily off balance, but a little less sure that I understand how the world works.
I also got to spend some time today at CMC on E200 where I used to spend most of my time. It was just like old times and people are still coming up to me who haven't seen me since I've been back and saying how happy they are to see me. It's really such a nice feeling to have someone, often multiple someones, tell me how good I look and how much they missed me every day. I wouldn't recommend leukemia, but there are some nice things about it.
Now, I'm home, having fed myself, listened to Ellie sing every word of every math problem as well as about half the steps in every answer and will soon be rolling into bed happily.
For tomorrow, I am hoping for a cottony day instead of a wooly one for myself. I'm not sure what a cottony day might be like, but it sounds nice. For you, I hope you get the fabric of your choice, too.

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