Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 238 and 239 -

The snowy weekend! I managed to get out with both of my little girls at least once. Maggie, Ellie and I went out during the storm and walked around. Ellie is light enough for her boot size that she stayed on top of the snow mostly. Me and Maggie sunk in. Deeply. We didn't last too long. On Sunday, however, the weather was gorgeous so Maggie and I went out for our usual three miles. I, on skis; she, on paw. I had never noticed before, but when she walks in deep snow, she separates her toes almost like she's trying to spread that lab toe webbing out to keep her on top of the snow. Lots of people had been out so she didn't break through too much and I on skis did not break through at all.

Here's a free piece of advice for all my readers: if you think your dog is mean and it doesn't come when called, don't let it off leash in public. We saw these people who were frantically calling their dog who was running towards us. They said, "The dog is mean sometimes. Be careful." and the dog approached Maggie who hid behind me. Here I am on skis with a known mean dog in front and my dog behind me. I had visions of getting bit when the mean dog lunged for Maggie and not being able to get out of the way because of my skis. Fortunately, they showed up and pulled their dog away. I really wanted to ask them why they let a mean dog who doesn't come off leash in a public park, but I couldn't do it.

The other piece of excitement in our household (at least for me) is that I have learned how to oven roast root vegetables. There are about three million recipes on the internet. I liked Pioneer Woman's best (after reviewing all three million of them) and loved the results. I really like grilling summer vegetables so I thought I'd try grilling root vegetables next. We keep our grill going all winter long. The only down side to roasted root vegetables is that my hand is stained purple. I hope it comes off by the time I start seeing patients tomorrow.

See? Our grill is totally at the ready. Taken during the storm--the view out our front door.

My little car with a snowblown lane next to it.

Tomorrow should be just a regular hospice house day and this whole week should be pretty normal at work which is good because it's the week of Ellie's play performances so we're going to be a busy family.

For myself, I will wish for more normalcy and for you, the level of abnormalcy you are happiest with.

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