Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 244 - the results are in.

I bet you're interested to find out how my experiment in being happy everyone I speak with is alive went. It turns out to be too exhausting to communicate that level of thrill to everyone. I was able to think to myself about half the time in the morning, "Hey, look! [insert name] is here! Isn't it wonderful to see them?" and it was nice to think about that, but to communicate it to the person? I'm not sure I could do that and still have enough energy left to do, say, my job. By the afternoon, I was too desperate to be done working for the week to be able to bring the mental energy required. I think I will run the experiment for the rest of the week and see how it feels after I've been doing it awhile. Does it get easier? What will happen the first time I remind myself how happy I am to see someone I'm not happy to see (doesn't happy often, but from time to time)? Will anyone I interact with notice a difference? What about the people I interact with in real life who read this--will they notice or will it just make things weird? Enquiring minds can't wait to find out. I'll keep you posted.

Otherwise, today was a very pleasant day for me. (On a This American Life segment recently someone described a toddler's life as being essentially a long string of good days, each one pretty much like the others. Sometimes I wonder how much different my life is from a toddler's life as it is usually pleasant and most days go kinda similarly.) Home, House, hospital, home. Delivery pizza for dinner but tonight is a red-letter night because it's Music Man, Jr., the world premiere. Tomorrow is a matinee performance and then it's all done. All that work for two magic performances at school and two in public.

I do not have a segue into the cute picture that I found and want to share, but here it is:
Perhaps I should become a dog blogger?
Tomorrow, I am hoping for a successful finish to Music Man, Junior for Ellie. For all of us, I will wish for satisfaction from our activities.

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