Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 241 - teeth, review and yarn--real yarn

Today was a fun, varied sort of day. I started with a trip to the dentist (look, Ma, no cavities!) with a warning that one of my fillings is wearing out and will need replacing in the next year or so. Now that's something to look forward to!
My next activity was chart review at CMC with Sue. It was just like old times. It turns out I remembered most of what I used to do and there were just a few tricks that caught me by surprise. I had to pay the pathologists a visit to figure out how to answer one and that is always fun. I know so little about pathology that any time I even walk by the door to the department I learn something. Today's learning topic was prostate cancer. Sue told me that while I was gone, they had a problem getting the charts reviewed and really needed it done so after one of the cancer committees, they begged the docs to stay and each do one chart. It was probably a good learning experience for them as about a quarter (1 item in 4) of the quality assurance questions involve the clinical tumor staging form in one way or another and almost all of the docs on the cancer committee fill out lots of the staging forms. The exceptions are me and the oncologists as we do not do much surgery. It was nice to be in the med records department, chatting with Sue again. She has gotten a new vent since I was there last so it's even nicer.

Then home to Ellie and Maggie and my loom. I finished winding the warp and find that it is very nice looking. Tomorrow I hope to put it on the loom after a nice, boring day at work.
For me, I will hope for a day whose dullness is surpassed only by its beauty. For you, the same.

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