Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 245 - more usual than usual

Aside from schlepping Ellie or myself to or from Music Man Jr performance, cast party and cast party shopping, I did very little during the day today. It's astonishing how much effort these things take and if one is driving some place at 12, 1, 2:30 and 4, it is difficult to do much else in the day. Early on Terry and I went to Kittery and had breakfast from the Beach Pea in his studio. This haiku presented itself to me while I was there.
Watching the snow fall
A curtain of live bamboo
What a world I see.

Here are the pictures of my last project which I took off the loom a while ago. They do not seem as ugly to me off the loom as they did on, somehow, although I'm still not in love with them.
The last one I made. I like the difference between the last two checkerboard rows and the two before them. The left side is checkerboard, too, but won't show up except under bright light.
This one seems a little psychodelic to me. Most people like this one the least.

This one looks kind of cool off the loom, but I notice that the two sides have wildly different fringe lengths.
I did manage to start warping the next project a little bit and to have dinner with our friends Patrick and Mary Beth which was delightful. We went to the Blue Moon where they had never been before and had a delicious dinner and great conversation.  I feel like Patrick and Mary Beth like to eat as much as I do and that makes it a lot of fun to eat with them because not everyone finds food as interesting as I do.
For me, for tomorrow, I am hoping for safety from the winter storm and will hope for that for you as well.

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